Winter in Talkeetna
Winter in Talkeetna is rarely seen by most of the tourists that visit our quaint little town.  Summer visitors see Talkeetna bustling with people walking down Main Street, hear live music playing somewhere in the distance, and feel the perfect temperatures as they stroll to the river.  When temperatures plummet and snow mounts in the winter, Talkeetna's picturesque charm and warm, hometown feeling is enjoyed by the locals and those few, hardy souls that brave the weather to attend the many planned winter events our town has to offer.

The first in this series is "Nagley's".  Each drawing will have reflections in the windows revealing a clue to what I am drawing next.  In Nagley's, you can see The Fairview Inn reflected in the bottom windows.  "The Fairview", the second drawing in this series, will have reflections of The Roadhouse.  What clue will be revealed in "The Roadhouse"?
Nagley's is the first drawing in the Winter in Talkeetna street view series.

Name: Nagley's 
Series: Winter in Talkeetna
Year: 2017
Location: Talkeetna
Medium: Colored Pencil (Caran d'ache  Pablo)
Original: 23" x 40"
Artist: Scott Apitzsch

Nagley's is the first drawing in the street view series titled "Winter in Talkeetna".  This Main Street view towards D Street is a popular camera angle for many of the people that make their way through our little town in the summer.

I want to share a side of Talkeetna most don't get to see. Winter is a beautiful time in Alaska and though our little town is becoming known as a summertime hot spot, it's actually open year round!

The Fairview
The Fairview is the second drawing in the Winter in Talkeetna series.  This drawing is still in process.  You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see recent updates and follow along on The Fairview's progress.  
The Fairview is the second drawing in the Winter in Talkeetna street view series.

Artist - Scott Apitzsch
Medium - Colored Pencil (Caran d' Aché - Luminance)
Location - Talkeetna, Alaska
Year - 2018

​Original - 23" x 40"