​Available Prints
All of our fine art prints are made exclusively at Blazing Editions .  Blazing is known for their high quality prints and cutting edge technology .  A quick visit to their website and you'll understand why they're the only company that we trust with our artwork.  

The Winter in Talkeetna  series is an Open Edition series but each print is numbered.  To learn more click here

As you can see below, we have a huge selection to choose from.  We actually have more options than our online store format will allow for.  We have a couple prints hanging in businesses around Talkeetna.  Hanging next to each print is a QR Code that leads to that particular print in our online store.  If you or your phone are not QR Code saavy, you can search the online store for the picture of the artwork you are actually looking at or call us and simply tell us where you saw the print that you liked.  We also have a sample pack of all of our selections below, feel free to call us to set up a time when it's best to meet.

Watercolor:  We use thick stock paper (330GSM) as our standard. This thickness gives the image a non-reflective, slightly textured finish.  These come with a 2" border (unless otherwise specified).  Prints Only (at this time)

Photo Lustre:  Photo Lustre paper has become a popular look amongst photographers, producing a smooth, high gloss, finish.  These come with a 2" border (unless otherwise specified).  Prints Only (at this time)

Canvas:  Under normal conditions, our acid free, canvas blend is rated to last with archival properties. Canvas is meant for indoor, climate controlled environments.  These come with a 2" border (unless otherwise specified).  Prints Only (at this time)

Glass Tile:  6" x 6" or 12" x 12" glass tiles can be cropped to fit or you can add borders to the top and bottom.

Ceramic Tile:  6" x 6" or 12" x 12" ceramic tiles can be cropped to fit or you can add borders to the top and bottom. They can also be made into a mosaic.  The best look for the ratios in this series is a two piece. We will be sharing photos of these as soon as we get them.

Metal Prints:  Metal prints have more options than we'll ever get printed to get the pictures of.  Print Only, Floating Back, Sintra Mount, Metal Frame, Wood Frame and Floating Frame to name a few. We'll get into the custom shapes, multiple piece and 8 foot sizes at a later date.  

    Print Only - This is a metal print only, NO back, NO mount, NO frame.
    Floating Back - 3/4” Tall anodized aluminum inset 1” from the edge to provide a ‘floating’ aesthetic. Overall print sits about 1” from the wall.  No Wire Necessary and ready to hang.  The aluminum float back system has a lip which allows for easy wall hanging.  
    Sintra Mount - This is a black pvc plastic mount fused to the metal print to provide durability as well as thickness and weight.  This option is only required when the piece is over 30" but can be added to any size for a more finished look.

    Aluminum Flush Frame  - 1.25” Tall anodized aluminum mounted to the edge of the aluminum print, creating a ‘box-like’ affect. No Wire Necessary and ready to hang.  Offering black & silver aluminum.  Minimal, contemporary look.  
    Wood Flush Frame - 2” Tall Natural Cherry Wood mounted to the edge of the print, creating an
organic, ‘box-like’ aesthetic.  Cleat Included for hanging.